About Aimatrix Tutors

Based in London, Aimatrix Tutors offers a fantastic academic tutoring service to students across the city. All tutoring is carried out by specialist tutors, and it’s all tailored to the specific needs of the student. We’ve been offering our services for more than 15 years, and believe that the tutoring we provide helps to build confidence, as well as improving knowledge on a subject. Call us today to enquire about our range of services.

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What We Provide

At Aimatrix Tutors, we:

  • Provide expert tuition in Mathematics, English, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics
  • Cover all exam boards
  • Cater for A Level, GCSE, and all Key Stage students 
  • Support the work carried out by schools and colleges
  • Target more difficult areas to complement their existing learning
  • Record student progress in every session
  • Regularly test students
  • Provide progress reports each term
  • Regularly communicate with parents

We adopt traditional “pen to paper” methods, giving your child the option on how they want to study the subject. This empowers them, and encourages independence in their education.

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Why Choose Us?

  • We Believe in Building Foundations for Sustainable Education
  • Our Objective Is Not Just to Enable Students to Pass Exams
  • We Strive to Help Our Students to Learn How to Learn
  • We Focus on Individual Needs Rather Than Teaching the Group
  • We Believe That Parents Need to Form an Integral Part of The Student’s Learning

Our Approach

We combine an assessment test with a questionnaire to create customised lessons. Teaching in small groups allows us to give the maximum attention without missing out on tutor-student interaction.

We continually monitor sessions, ensuring that a progression log is filled in after every teaching session. Regular engagement with parents is also carried out, and monthly progress reports are sent out. All of this is done to ensure that the child is moving in the right direction.

Reasons to Choose Private Tuition

How Teachers and Tutors Differ

Call us, in London, for more information on our academic tutoring services.

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