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Physics is the study of the universe. It attempts to answer
the fundamental questions about the world and universe we live in. This
includes understanding and studying the building blocks of matter, the essence
of our existence. To do so, physicists look at concepts such as energy, force
and motion, as well as studying fundamental particles in minute detail. Physics
has great practical use, as students begin to understand the motions and forces
they interact with every day, as well as stimulating intrigue towards our
universe. It is also a very interdisciplinary subject, using mathematical,
practical and logical skills. Whether it’s getting a grasp on gravity or
learning about the very latest developments at the Large Hadron Collider,
physics is both an essential and exciting subject in education. To discuss your
individual tuition needs with us so that we are able to find the best possible
tutor for you, please do get in touch.


Chemistry lies at the heart of everything around us. It is
the study of the composition, properties and behaviour of matter so is to do
with everything that we both see and also do not see. Chemistry is a subject
that has a reputation of being very tricky to understand. Our tutors can help
to change this misconception with their inspiring teaching and by tackling
complex issues with a step by step approach so, therefore, topics that once
seemed very difficult are much easier to understand. Key Stage Science


Biology is the study of life, from the unicellular amoeba to
the complex human body. This subject enables students to develop an
understanding of Biological systems in the smallest organisms to the largest
forms of life. All of our Biology tutors are highly qualified in their subject
and capable to teach the different syllabi at all academic levels. This is
combined with an enormous love for their subject too that is apparent in their
tutoring; engaging and interactive teaching methods are used to help tutees
reach their full academic potential. Key Stage Science1) KS4 Science

1) AS/A2 Science

2) KS3/KS3 Sciences (Both Foundation and Higher)

3) KS2 Sciences

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5) 13+ Sciences

6) 11+ Sciences

6) KS3 Boosters Lessons Including Practical

7) Preparing students for Science GCSE/A-Level Scholarships

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Tuition We Provide

  • 7/ 8+, 11+, and 13+ Common Exams
  • IGCSEs and GCSEs
  • AS and A2 Level Exams
  • International Baccalaureate and Pre-University
  • University and Oxbridge Preparation

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We have access to a tutorial room equipped with modern technology where tutees can meet their tutor, should they prefer this. We also organise different types of revision courses to take place in this classroom, and this is the best way to learn for many.

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