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The English language can be very challenging to those
learning its complicated grammar structure for the first time. This is before
even mentioning the peculiar spellings of words that can be found within the
language. This subject is, however, one that needs to be focused on since it
will impact the learning of other subjects. Children need to be able to read
and write to be able to learn anything and then for it to be possible to
participate in written examinations for every subject on the National
Curriculum. Our tutors can assist tutees of every age and nationality with the
quirks of the English language whether English is their native tongue or a
second language. Tuition can also be provided to help tutees understand the more
complicated structure of the English language so that this may then be applied
in to examinations for GCSE and A level

1)  KS 1/2/3

2)  KS 4 (GCSE) All exam boards (AQA/EDEXCEL/OCR/WJEC/IGCSE
Cambridge IGCSE EDEXCEL) *

3) 11+

4) 13+

5)  SATs Booster Classes for KS 1 and KS 2 (Dec to April)

Internal Candidates (EDEXCEL)

IGCSE Edexcel English Language

Student taking her GCSE exams

Tuition We Provide

  • 7/ 8+, 11+, and 13+ Common Exams
  • IGCSEs and GCSEs
  • AS and A2 Level Exams
  • International Baccalaureate and Pre-University
  • University and Oxbridge Preparation

Great Facilities

We have access to a tutorial room equipped with modern technology where tutees can meet their tutor, should they prefer this. We also organise different types of revision courses to take place in this classroom, and this is the best way to learn for many.

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