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Mathematics is one of the oldest and most fundamental
subjects studied throughout the world. Euclid’s Elements, written in the 3rd
Century BC contained some of the first ideas surrounding geometry, algebra and
number theory, many of which we still explore today. Mathematics aims to solve
problems and understand the fundamental systems in our world and universe by
finding and exploring patterns, in numbers, dimensions and structures.
Mathematicians use formulae and patterns to reach a proof, answering a key
question. To do so requires skills such as counting, measurement, logic, and
calculation. Patterns and numbers are fundamental to our daily existence,
making maths one of the key subject areas in education. Mathematics is a
fundamental part of many other areas of study and employment including engineering,
statistics, architecture and medicine. Mathematics gives a basis for
understanding the world, as well as encouraging creative and interdisciplinary

1) KS4 Maths

2) KS3 Maths (Both
Foundation and Higher)

3) KS2 Maths

4) KS1 Maths

5) 13+ Maths

6) 11+ Maths

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Tuition We Provide

  • 7/ 8+, 11+, and 13+ Common Exams
  • IGCSEs and GCSEs
  • AS and A2 Level Exams
  • International Baccalaureate and Pre-University
  • University and Oxbridge Preparation

Great Facilities

We have access to a tutorial room equipped with modern technology where tutees can meet their tutor, should they prefer this. We also organise different types of revision courses to take place in this classroom, and this is the best way to learn for many.

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